How To Choose A Self Storage Facility!

storageOnce you have determined to rent from a storage facility, ask to take a tour of the property. Check out the appearance of the facility and see if all the units are in good repair and everything appears to be working properly. Visit the property at night to see if it is well lit to make sure you can access your unit easily any time of the day or night. A well kept facility will likely have a better customer service department. Storage units in Baton Rouge offers many options for its customers.

When considering a facility, check out the condition of the buildings and notice if there are any holes where rodents could enter to damage your property. Look for obvious problems in the structure of the buildings inside and outside. You want your property safe and secure without any possible damage from leaks from cracks or holes. Make sure you unit is slightly raised from the road to prevent rain water from entering and damaging your goods.

Check out the security features. Are there cameras throughout the facility and is the gate in good repair? Does a secure fence surround the property? Is the property easily accessible at night? You want to feel secure and know that your property is safe.

A Storage Mall in Baton Rouge offers the ultimate storage solution for either residential or commercial customers. Your property will be safe in this secure and easily accessible environment.